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The Guesthouse

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Blending in with the local architecture

The Pousada was entirely thought out and designed to make the most out of the conditions offered by the surrounding environment, which is why we preserve existing trees as much as possible and use sustainable and ecological techniques to minimize the impact of construction work. For the pousada´s architectural project we were inspired by the IXX century Portuguese colonial style which adorns the charming façades of Lençóis’ houses, promoting local culture and history.


The Pousada Vila Serrano is commited to respecting the laws that protect the local natural environment, work and community in order to receive visitors in the best conditions. We believe that there is an incentive to living with more dignity, more consciousness and a better engagement with caring for the natural and cultural environment within which we live. We try to combine through our work we to create the best possible interaction between human and nature, whilst offering tourists an excellent level of hospitality. Our aim is also to guarantee the healthy development of our business through constant improvement of our services.




Historical Timeline of  Lençóis:

-Lençóis was inhabited in 1845;

-As early as 1847 the first mining companies formed and trade relations began between Lençóis  and Paris, London and Amsterdam;

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