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To make your stay at Vila Serrano even more pleasant, we offer the following special services:

​Breakfast Bliss

Awaken your senses with a complimentary breakfast buffet featuring fresh tropical fruits, homemade bread and cheese, eggs, regional cakes as well as vegetarian dishes. Our commitment to freshness extends to our garden, where many of our fruits and herbs are handpicked daily.

Poolbar Pleasure

After a day of exploration, unwind at our small "Bar da Vila" by the pool. Indulge in refreshing drinks, snacks, and appetisers as you relive the adventures of the day.

YOGA Oasis
Find balance and harmony with our regular yoga sessions in a serene pavilion. Private lessons are also available upon request, ensuring a personalised experience


Various local therapists provide services, including massages and tarot readings. You can conveniently book their services directly at the reception. 


Infinity-edge pool overlooking the historic center of Lençóis. The swimming pool has an integrated whirlpool and a small waterfall. 

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