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By Bus from Salvador:

The bus company Real Expresso/Rápido Federal ( connects Lençóis and Salvador a few times a day. The journey takes about 6 hours. You can buy your ticket directly on their homepage if you have a CPF number – in case you don’t have this number try this option here: ou

Salvador to Lençóis – Departure times:
08:00h, 13:00h and 23:00h 

Lençóis to Salvador – Departure times:
09:00h, 13:45h and 22:50h 

If you have a connecting flight in Salvador make sure to calculate enough spare time. The travel time may vary depending on road conditions and traffic.

When traveling in high season or on public holidays make sure to reserve your ticket in advance. 


By Airplane: 


There are two regular flights operated by LATAM every Wednesday and Sunday to and from Salvador.

There are two regular flights operated by AZUL every Wednesday and Sunday to and from Belo Horizonte.

A taxi from the airport in Lençóis to the pousada will cost about R$ 120.-- to 150.--. It can be arranged by Vila Serrano.


By car: 


Depending on road conditions it takes about 5 to 6 hours to drive the 420 km between Salvador and Lençois. It is safer to drive by daylight. 


Taxi Transfer:

A Taxi will charge about R$ 1.500 to R$ 1.700,00 to take you from Salvador to Lençóis. It can be arranged by the pousada.

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