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The Guesthouse

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Embracing Local architecture

Nestled seamlessly into the local architecture, our Pousada reflects the charm of Lencois´ houses from the 19th century Portuguese colonial era. We´ve thoughtfully designed our space to preserve the natural beauty, using sustainable and ecological techniques to minimise our ecological footprint. 

Our commitment to creating an immersive experience begins with our thoughfully designed Pousada, seamlessly blending into the local architecture while pioneering sustainable practices. 

Our Credo

"Pousada Vila Serrano" is unwavering in it´s commitment to adhering to local laws safeguarding the natural environment, labour standards, and community welfare to ensure an optimal experience for our visitors. We firmly believe in fostering a lifestyle marked by enhanced dignity, heightened environmental consciousness, and a profound commitment to nurturing the delicate balance between the natural and cultural spheres within our community. 

Furthermore, our overarching objective is to ensure the sustainable growth of our enterprise. This commitment materialises through a continuous process of refinement and enhancement of our services. Our dedication extends to providing you with a superlative standard of hospitality, ensuring a memorable and enriching stay.




Historical Tapestry of Lençóis:

- 1845: Lençóis finds its roots as a settlement

-1847: The dawn of mining companies marks the beginning of trade relations between Lençóis  and international hubs like Paris, London and Amsterdam;

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