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The Pousada Vila Serrano is commited to respecting the laws that protect the local natural environment, work and community in order to receive visitors in the best conditions. We believe that there is an incentive to living with more dignity, more consciousness and a better engagement with caring for the natural and cultural environment within which we live. We try to combine through our work we try to create the best possible interaction between human and nature, whilst offering tourists an excellent level of hospitality. Our aim is also to guarantee the healthy development of our business through constant improvement of our services.

Blending in with the local architecture​

The Pousada was entirely thought out and designed to make the most out of the conditions offered by the surrounding environment, which is why we preserve existing trees as much as possible and use sustainable and ecological techniques to minimize the impact of construction work. For the pousada´s architectural project we were inspired by the IXX century Portuguese colonial style which adorns the charming façades of Lençóis’ houses, promoting local culture and history.

​Using low impact material in the construction​

We prioritize the use of local material and reforested wood (treated eucalyptus timber) in order to minimize the use of native wood. Our bricks are actually compressed earth and cement blocks which are more environmentally friendly because they contain very little cement and do not need to be burnt. Our walls are painted with lime and color from natural dyes, derived from stone, clay and urucum, which allow the walls to breath.

Solar energy

The water for our showers is heated by solar energy.


Our organic waste is made into compost for the garden, whilst we re-use almost all non-organic waste (such as plastic, aluminium, glass, metal and paper), the rest being given away for recycling through the Lençóis Environmental Group (GAL).

Using natural resources with responsability


In order to reduce excessive water consumption and limit the impact of soap and fabric softener on the environment, we use biodegradable products and give our guests the possibility of choosing how often they want their bed sheets and towels changed.

Supporting local NGO's 

We give a monthly contribution to three local NGOs: “Graos de luz e Grio”, “Avante”, and “Lençóis Environmental Group (GAL)”, that perform a great work in education and upbringing of local youths by promoting self-esteem, black culture, sustainability and the environment. We also encourage and support various activities and cultural events in the region.


We reproduce a large variety of ornamental plants for our tropical garden. 


We serve many organic products for breakfast. Our freshly homemade breads, cakes, cheeses, yoghurts, tropical fruits, jam and regional dishes are made in our kitchen, whilst many fruits, herbs and teas come from our very own garden.

Herb garden


Many of our homegrown herbs are used for our dishes.

Local labour and artists


Working with local labour is another important criterion for us. Even the smallest details were completed by local artists and professionals.

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