Classic Tours

Come and get to know the best known highlights of the Chapada Diamantina National Park with our popular Classic Tours. Which place do you want to get to know today? Choose your half or full day excursion here...

01. Devil's Pool, Cave & Table Mountain

Day Tour/ Devil´s Pool Waterfall / Pai Inácio Mountain, Lapa Doce or Fumacinha Cave

Devil's Pool, Cave & Table Mountain. The classic and the ideal tour to begin your Chapada Diamantina experience. On this tour you visit a variety of attractions that give an interesting insight into the different ecosystems of the Chapada Diamantina.

02. Mosquito Waterfall, Devils Pool & Table Mountain 

Day Tour/ Pai Inácio Mountain, Poço do Diabo and Mosquito Waterfall

Mosquito Waterfall and Devils Pool Waterfall & Table Mountain.

This round-trip stops at some of the famous highlights of the northern Chapada Diamantina. Today you will visit the beautiful Mosquito waterfall, take a refreshing bath at the devils pool and finish your day climbing the table mountain Pai Inácio, with its fantastic postcard views over the Chapada Diamantina.

03. Poço Encantado & Poço Azul  (Enchanted Pool and Blue Pool)

Day Tour/ Enchanted Pool and Blue Pool

Pool Tour / Two of Brazil’s greatest natural treasures – the enchanted pool and the blue pool impress with their incredibly crystal clear, deep waters and the stunning color effect caused by the entering sunlight. Two of the most popular travelers destinations in the Chapada Diamantina.

04. Mosquito Waterfall, Prehistoric Murals  / Poço Azul (Blue Lake Caves)

Day Tour/ Mosquito Waterfall, Pinturas Rupestres or Poço Azul

Mosquito Waterfall, Prehistoric Rock Paintings or Blue Cave.

By car we reach the beautiful mosquito waterfall after about an hours drive from Lençóis. We will then dig a bit deeper into the history of the region and also visit the nearby prehistorical rock paintings. 

05. Canoe Ride, Waterfall, Swimming & Hiking

Day Tour / Marimbus-marsh (mini Pantanal),  Canoe Ride

Canoe Ride, Waterfall, Swimming. An idyllic canoe trip through the Marimbus swamp framed by the mountains of the Serra do Sincorá, includes a visit to a waterfall and swimming in the Roncador river.

Truly authentic

06.Top of Fumaça 380m Waterfall & Capão-Valley

Day Hiking Tour/ Waterfall / Capão-Valley

This hike takes you to the top of the Fumaça Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Brazil,

with its free-fall of 380m. The view is outstanding! After the descent we take a dip in the waterfall Riachinho or visit the little village in the Capão valley, where many hippies, ufologists and other alternative thinking people have settled.

07. Sossego Waterfall & Natural water slide and pool

Day Hiking Tour/ Waterfall / Riberao do meio

From Lençóis we walk through the beautiful countryside to the river Ribeirão do Meio. We will walk along an old diamond path and, with a little luck, we will see a Garimpeiro (diamond prospector) who is trying his luck here in this remote mountain river.

08. The Classic Lençóis Hike

Half-Day Tour Muritiba Park 

The classic loop hike of Lençóis. This exciting half-day loop takes you to the hidden beauties around Lençóis. Visit waterfalls, natural swimming pools, a colored sand cave and climb up the mountain to enjoy the beautiful view back into the valley and Lençóis.

09. Ribeirão do Meio waterslide

Natural water slide and pool, Ribeirão do Meio

Slide on the natural waterslide right into the rivers pool. Explore other pools nearby – some deep, some shallow but all unarguably beautiful. A wonderful half-day excursion at the river.

10.Muritiba Park & Ribeirão do Meio waterslide

Day hiking tour. Waterfalls, pools and sand cave

This tour combines the beautiful half day excursions around Lençóis into a full day experience. Nice views, beautiful waterfalls, swimming pools, colored sand cave and the visit at the natural slide with its marvelous pools where you can enjoy a refreshing dip into the water